Why Your Business Needs a Response Center with Online and Offline Capabilities

Most consumers prefer online interactions when it comes to scheduling appointments and asking questions about products or services, but offline methods of connecting with customers, like phone calls, are essential when it comes to complex situations and developing lasting relationships that will inevitably lead to them becoming long-term customers.

Read on to learn more about why your business needs a response center with both online and offline capabilities.

The importance of online interactions

According to GetApp research, 70 percent of customers prefer to book appointments online rather than by phone, and 31 percent of respondents would be more likely to choose a new service provider if they offered online booking as an option for scheduling appointments. By 2019, about 64 percent of patients will use self-scheduling to book appointments, according to an Accenture study on digital scheduling.

Why do so many customers prefer to schedule their appointments online, you ask? Consumers are becoming more used to the convenience of booking appointments on their own time, due to easy online options and mobile apps for booking hotels, airlines and even taxis or ride shares. Customers want this simple scheduling option to extend to other services and areas of their life as well.

Consumers dislike having to wait on hold or waiting until the provider’s office opens to book by phone. On the flip side, customers also dislike websites that are slow or clunky when booking online.

Messages are also crucial when it comes to reminding customers of appointments. About 60 percent of respondents claimed that receiving a text message to remind them of their appointment made them less likely to miss the appointment than phone or email reminders, according to GetApp.

Why is a call center necessary?

You may wonder why your business even needs a call center when so many business-to-consumer interactions are online these days. It’s true that social media and text messages are the technology methods your users want to use to connect with your company.

However, it’s more essential than ever, now that many interactions are online, to have a high-quality, state-of-the-art call center in order to handle complex situations and develop lasting relationships with your customers. And outsourced call centers are on the rise, for a myriad of reasons, from cost-effectiveness to improved productivity to scalability.

By the time a customer needs to speak to a call center representative, they have likely already tried to solve their problem or book their appointment through online channels, so the call center representative must be high-quality, skilled and patient in order to calmly work to resolve the consumer’s issue. In many of our cases, the transaction itself is complex

Sales-oriented call centers are also crucial when it comes to converting guests into purchasing customers. It’s essential to know how to ask the right questions or even the next question when consumers are hesitating to book the appointment. At SignatureResponse, we know how to get these guests to jump over the hurdle and convert to not only a booked appointment but a long-term customer.

Here at SignatureResponse, we realize the importance of using both online technology methods and an offline call center. For your guests’ convenience and diverse booking options, we also offer an easy automated interface to schedule your own appointments directly. If you’re ready to reach your customers with an all-purpose response center, reach out today.

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